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Set Elementor Widget/Container/Section To Display Always Or Never Or Based Upon User Login Status

Steps for specifying Elementor Widget/Container/Section display settings
Steps for specifying Elementor Widget/Container/Section display settings
  1. Within the Elementor editor select the widget/conditional/section.

  2. Within the Elementor widget panel select the Advanced tab.

  3. Navigate to the ActiveMember360 tab and expand it if necessary.

  4. From the Control mode drop down ensure Individual is selected.

  5. From the Display if/when dropown select the required display setting. The default ActiveMember360 display setting is to Always display the selected block.The other display setting options are Is Logged In, Not Logged In and Never.


    This ActiveMember360 display setting works in conjunction with the other ActiveMember360 display conditions of Tags, Custom Fields and PHP Statement to determine the widget/conditional/section display setting.

    They work as AND conditions. So all ActiveMember360 settings for a single widget/conditional/section must evaluate as TRUE for the display setting to have effect.

    If any conditions evaluate as FALSE the widget/conditional/section will not be displayed.

    If Never is selected as the Display if/when setting irrespective of other conditions the widget/conditional/section will never be shown.

  6. Once the settings have been completed ensure Update is clicked to save the configuration.

Set any additional conditions for the block display as detailed here: