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WooCommerce Overview

WooCommerce is an eCommerce platform built on WordPress.

It is one of the most popular ways of selling products or services from within WordPress.

ActiveMember360 WooCommerce Extension Overview

The ActiveMember360 WooCommerce Extension provides a deep integration with both WooCommerce and WooCommerce Subscriptions.

Key features include:

The ActiveMember360 WooCommerce Extension:
  • Controls WooCommerce Product availability using ActiveMember360 Access Controls
  • Controls content visibility based upon ActiveCamapign contact data
  • Controls content visibility based upon ActiveMember360 Conditionals using WooCommerce user data
  • Sets ActiveCampaign Tag based pricing for products and subscriptions for remote users
  • Streamlines the checkout process by providing a shortcode that will add a WooCommerce product to your cart and automatically take you to the checkout page
  • Automatically creates or updates the ActiveCampaign Contact when a WooCommerce Order is placed
  • Automatically updates the ActiveCampaign Contact when the WooCommerce Order Status changes
  • Automatically updates the ActiveCampaign Contact dependent upon the product purchased
  • Automatically updates the ActiveCampaign Contact when a WooCommerce Coupon is used
  • Automatically updates the ActiveCampaign Contact based upon whether they have abandoned the cart and the products in the abandoned cart
  • Tracks WooCommerce last order status for the contact using ActiveCampaign Tags
  • Supports ActiveCampaign Event Tracking for WooCommerce purchase and order events

The features listed above allow you to understand how every customer has interacted with your business and automate relevant follow-up experiences and segmented marketing campaigns using ActiveCampaign to:

  • Segment email campaigns and automations by purchase behavior
  • Use automation goals based upon purchase behavior
  • Use abandoned cart email automations to increase purchase completion rates
  • Use conditional content to send customers product recommendations based on their past purchases
  • Email or text customers with promotions and special
  • Build relationships and brand loyalty through personalised messaging
  • ...and much more

However ActiveMember360 also allows you to control access to content and the visibility of content within your WordPress sites based upon that ActiveCampaign contact and WooCommerce user data.

So ActiveMember360 in conjunction with ActiveCampaign supports your segmented marketing campaigns and within WordPress your segmented content delivery.

Other integrations between WooCommerce and ActiveCampaign do not provide such comprehensive capabilities, typically only supporting ActiveCampaign segmented marketing campaigns.


The ActiveMember360 WooCommerce Extension can be used with any ActiveCampaign pricing plan.

It is independent of the capabilities offered by the ActiveCampaign WooCommerce Deep Data Integration.


The WooCommerce plugin must have previously been installed and activated on your site in order to be able to activate the ActiveMember360 WooCommerce extension.

How to activate the WooCommerce extension is detailed here:


Global settings that control the ActiveMember360 WooCommerce Extension or that apply to any/every product or subscription are detailed within:

Individual product settings are detailed within:

How to configure other settings are detailed within the individual use cases that follow.

Use Cases

Product Availability

Content Visibility

Account Creation

Order Processing & Order Status Actions

Tag Based Pricing

Streamlined Checkout Processing

Coupon Usage Tracking

Abandoned Cart Tracking

ActiveCampaign Event Tracking