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Using Our Support Services

How We Offer Support

We offer support exclusively through our support email system. We do not provide telephone support nor support via chat or our social channels. Our support email system is extremely secure and any information you submit pertaining to your support request will only be accessible to our support team.

ActiveMember360 also has a helpful and expansive ecosystem. We encourage you to join our Facebook community. You may find that a helpful source of information and assistance in addition to our internal support service.

However support questions/issues and error reports/queries MUST be submitted, so they can be properly tracked and responded to in an efficient and timely manner, to our support team at:

Support email


When submitting a ticket, please include the following information:

  • The site's URL and the name of the license/account holder, if other than you.
  • Provide a WordPress admin and/or ActiveCampaign account login, as needed.
  • If the issue involves regular users, please provide a test user to use in testing.
  • If the issue is related to one or more specific pages, please provide the URL's involved.
  • Provide as detailed an explanation of the issue you're experiencing as you can.
  • Mention any events that could have affected your site, such as theme/plugin updates.

Prior to submitting a ticket, please ensure you have installed the current version of ActiveMember360 and WordPress.

We do not provide a Service Level Agreement but operate using the framework detailed in the following sections.

Support Availability

We offer support Monday to Friday, 8:00 am – 10:00 pm GMT. Most support requests are responded to within a few hours, but we do our best to answer all questions by the next business day.

What Our Support Covers

We provide support for our product, ActiveMember360.

We are happy to handle questions relating to the installation, configuration and general usage of ActiveMember360.

Our support covers error fixes and, once we are aware of such, we will attempt to resolve these as quickly as possible, and/or provide an interim solution until the next formal release of ActiveMember360.

What Our Support Doesn’t Cover

We do not provide support for third-party products, services, plugins, add-ons, extensions, code or other products/services/code not otherwise provided by us.

However we do provide support for the specific integrations for third party plugins we provide as ActiveMember360 Extensions.