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Integrating Products & Subscriptions

The ActiveMember360 Payment module provides two methods for integrating ActiveMember360 Payment module product and subscription data and buying links within your sales pages and other locations within your site.

The product or subscription permalink URL is used to define Buy Links.

The product or subscription URL is defined in Payment, Products or Payment, Subscriptions respectively.

These URLs create unique links for each product or subscription.

The links can be defined using buttons or text links by the popular page builders now available for WordPress. Obviously the visibility of these links can be controlled as detailed within Controlling Visibility Of & Customising Content Within Pages & Posts to only be visible for certain conditions.

When displayed within your site, when someone clicks the product or subscription buy link it will automatically show the checkout template assigned to that product/subscription for a user to continue with their purchase.

Payment Module Shortcodes

All the available shortcodes are detailed within Payment Module Shortcodes.

These shortcodes allow you to integrate product/subscription information directly with product or sales pages.

The shortcodes can work with a variety of page builders.

The benefit of using the Payment Module Shortcodes is that if any information related to a product/subscription is changed that updated information will also be shown wherever the shortcodes associated with that information are used. So only define once to use in mutiple locations.

Essentially the shortcodes provide dynamic snippets for the product/subscription information.