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WooCommerce Event Tracking for ActiveCampaign

The ActiveMember360 WooCommerce Extension can be used to provide ActiveCampaign event tracking of WooCommerce events. These events are specific to either the WooCommerce Order ID or Product ID/Product Name.

The tracked events can be used to trigger automations within ActiveCampaign as detailed within Using Event Tracking to trigger automations.

In order to track the WooCommerce events you must also have the enabled and configured the ActiveMember360 ActiveCampaign Tracking Module.

The available triggers for event tracking with WooCommerce are very comprehensive:

  • Payment Completed
  • Purchased Product
  • Order Status Pending Payment
  • Order Status Processing
  • Order Status On Hold
  • Order Status Completed
  • Order Status Cancelled
  • Order Status Refunded
  • Order Status Failed
  • Order Status Draft

These are configured as detailed within ActiveMember360, Modules, ActiveCampaign Tracking.