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Set LearnDash User Status Condition


This LearnDash user status condition type is only available if LearnDash is installed and active.

However it does not require the ActiveMember360 LearnDash Extension to be enabled to function.

Steps for specifying the LearnDash user status condition

  1. In the Condition name input area type your chosen name for this condition. If no name is input, by default, when the conditional is saved it will be named the same as the Condition type.

  2. From the Condition status drop down select Active or Inactive as required.


    Inactive conditions will always evaluate as TRUE.

    For not logged in users this condition will always evaluate as FALSE.

  3. From the Condition type drop down select LearnDash user status.

  4. From the User status drop down select the required status for the current logged in user.

    The options are:

    • User is enrolled in courses
    • User is not enrolled in courses
    • User has not started courses
    • User has in progress courses
    • User has completed courses
    • User has not completed lessons
    • User has completed lessons
    • User has not completed topics
    • User has completed topics

    Dependent upon the selection made either Courses, Lessons, or Topics will be displayed for selection in the final drop down (step 6)

  5. From the Determined by drop down select whether Any or All of the courses/lessons/topics selected should be considered when evaluating the condition for the current logged in user.

  6. From the Courses/Lessons/Topics drop down select the LearnDash courses/lessons/topics to be used when evaluating the condition.

    Click the drop down then scroll or start typing any consecutive characters of the course/lesson/topic name to refine the list and aid selection.

    Then click on the required courses/lessons/topics.

    Multiple courses/lessons/topics can be selected as required.

    Individual courses/lessons/topics can be removed from the selection by clicking on the x shown next to the individual course/lesson/topic name.

    All courses/lessons/topics can be removed from the selection by clicking on the x shown in the far right of the drop down.

    All courses/lessons/topics can be selected with one click using the Select: All option.