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WordPress Users & ActiveCampaign Contacts

A single contact in ActiveCampaign may exist as a WordPress user in multiple WordPress sites powered by ActiveMember360. By default that single contact will have the same login credentials for each WordPress site, typically the email address and password stored in ActiveCampaign.

The ActiveCampaign contact email address is used as a unique identifier to relate the contact to a WordPress user.

When using ActiveMember360 the password used to access the WordPress site running ActiveMember360 is always stored in ActiveCampaign. By default that password is shared between all WordPress sites running ActiveMember360 connected to the same ActiveCampaign application.

When using ActiveMember360 all data stored within the connected ActiveCampaign application is considered the primary data over and above that stored in WordPress.

It is not necessary for a visitor, who exists as a contact within ActiveCampaign, to exist within WordPress as a user before they can login to your WordPress sites powered by ActiveMember360 as a remote user. ActiveMember360 will automatically create the WordPress user as required during the first successful login process by a contact using valid login credentials and having the necessary access permissions.

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