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Controlling Content

ActiveMember360 can control access to both an entire page/post and to specific sections of content within the page/post.

ActiveMember360 therefore fully supports the generation of dynamic, customised, personalised and segmented content throughout your site.

The full list of conditions that can be used to control access to and customise content shown to each visitor are listed within Conditions Available For Controlling & Customising Content.

Note those conditions are not just limited to the ActiveCampaign tags that a contact may or may not have, but also the value of any ActiveCampaign contact field, list status, WordPress role, login status etc etc.

A fundamental component in being able to specify and group those conditions, to both control access to and fully customise content, is ActiveMember360 Conditionals.

Controlling Access To The Entire Page/Post

Access to the entire page/post is controlled using the settings within the ActiveMember360 panel available when creating or editing the page/post. These settings are very comprehensive and permit virtually any condition that controls access to the page/post to be defined.

For a full explanation of the ActiveMember360 panel settings and the behaviour the visitor experiences when they do not satisfy the conditions to view the page/post please visit Controlling Access To & Visibility Of Pages & Posts.

Special Pages

ActiveMember360 treats certain pages within your WordPress site as special pages.

These pages will be accessible to any visitor to the site.

For more information please visit Special Pages.


Excerpts are used in certain circumstances when the vistor to a page/post does not satisfy the conditions to view the page/post.

To gain a fuller understanding of excerpts and how they are used with ActiveMember360 please visit Excerpts.

Custom Post Types

ActiveMember360, apart from controlling access to standard WordPress post/pages, can also control access to most WordPress custom post types.

Generally for ActiveMember360 Extensions (e.g. WooCommerce, LearnDash, bbPress etc.) the custom post type will be automatically supported and the ActiveMember360 panel will be displayed.

However for other custom post types you will need to select the custom post types for which ActiveMember360 will control access the panel displayed.

To enable ActiveMember360 controls for custom post types please visit ActiveMember360, Modules, Custom Post Types.

Controlling & Customising Content Within The Page/Post

For a full explanation please visit Controlling Visibility Of & Customising Content Within Pages & Posts.

Access to, and therefore the customisation of content within a page/post is controlled by:

These controls are very comprehensive and permit the definition of virtually any condition to control access to and customise any content within the page/post. This also includes the customisation of menus and widgets.

Using Conditionals

A detailed overview of adding, using and managing ActiveMember360 Conditionals is provided within ActiveMember360 Conditionals.