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Creating ActiveCampaign Contacts

A contact within ActiveCampaign can be created in many ways; manually, using the features of ActiveCampaign, by ActiveMember360 or by other third party plugins and applications.

There are numerous applications, both SaaS applications and third party WordPress plugins, that can create a contact in your ActiveCampaign.

They could be services such as Zapier, Integromat, Integrately, Pabbly, SyncSpider etc. They could be form submission products such as ConvertBox, Convertful or WordPress plugins such as Gravity Forms etc.

How these function is not explained here as it is outside the scope of this documentation. However you should be aware that there are numerous ways to create a contact within ActiveCampaign, without using ActiveCampaign directly nor the features of ActiveMember360.

Typically using only the features of ActiveCampaign a contact can be; created manually, when using a form defined in ActiveCampaign, or when imported.

The main options for creating an ActiveCampaign contact using the features of ActiveMember360 include:

Using the ActiveMember360 Autologin Module

If you are using an external cart (i.e. one not hosted in WordPress) ActiveMember360 provides a module that allows validated purchasers to autologin to the WordPress ActiveMember360 site using an autologin URL as the Success or Thank You Page URL for the purchase.

The ActiveMember360 Autologin Module when used in conjunction with an external cart such as; ThriveCart, Digistore24, ClickBank or JVZoo will automatically create a contact within ActiveCampaign if the order credentials passed to ActiveMember360 validate successfully and the corresponding contact, i.e. one with a matching email address, does not already exist.

Details of how to implement this module are available at ActiveMember360, Modules, Auto-Login.

Using the ActiveMember360 WooCommerce Extension

A notable example of a third party WordPress plugin that can create ActiveCampaign contacts when using the ActiveMember360 WooCommerce Extension is WooCommerce.

When using WooCommerce users can be created in WordPress using the WooCommerce, Settings, Accounts & Privacy, Account Creation features.

When using the ActiveMember360 WooCommerce Extension this will also create a contact within ActiveCampaign.

Details regarding the extension are available at ActiveMember360, Extensions, WooCommerce.

WordPress Registration


When using ActiveMember360 it is best practice not to allow a WordPress user to be created using the default WordPress registration process.

Within WordPress, Settings, General, Memberships, Anyone can register should be disabled/unchecked.

This disables the WordPress registration link.

If this process is not disabled upon WordPress registration ActiveMember360 will create a contact in ActiveCampaign, if one does not already exist, with an email address the same as that of the WordPress user.

Such a contact when created in ActiveCampaign will not have any tags added, automations started, nor be subscribed to any lists by ActiveMember360.