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Changing WordPress User & ActiveCampaign Contact Email Addresses

The email address is used to link the WordPress user with the ActiveCampaign contact. The email address is the unique identifier for both the user and contact.

Therefore when changing the email address it is imperative that you ensure the address is updated simultaneously in both WordPress and the ActiveCampaign.

Furthermore any WordPress user created by ActiveMember360 will have a WordPress username equivalent to their email address. Therefore the WordPress username if an email address must also be updated at the same time as the WordPress user email address.

ActiveMember360 provides an integration with the WordPress user profile and shortcodes to automatically ensure that this is the case.

The methods that can be used to change an email address simultaneously in both WordPress and the ActiveCampaign are:

Using WordPress User Profile

ActiveMember360 is integrated with the standard WordPress user profile such that any change of email address made from there is also reflected in ActiveCampaign.

This includes a logged in user updating their profile and also a WordPress administrator changing the WordPress user email address from within WordPress, Users.

Many third party plugins, as an example WooCommerce, allow a user to modify their WordPress user profile. Email address changes by any third party plugin that supports the WordPress user profile should function with ActiveMember360.

In all cases if the WordPress username is the email address that will also be updated by ActiveMember360 at the same time as the WordPress user email address.

Using the ActiveMember360 Shortcode mbr_email_change

This shortcode is provided to allow users who are currently logged in to the WordPress ActiveMember360 site to change their email address in both WordPress and ActiveCampaign simultaneously.

The shortcode should be placed within a page/post on your site that is only accessible to logged in users.

Full details regarding the shortcode are available at ActiveMember360, Shortcodes, mbr_email_change.