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Verifying Your ActiveMember360 License

When purchasing a subscription for ActiveMember360 you will have been asked to submit your ActiveCamapign application URL on the order form.

Your ActiveMember360 license is tied to that ActiveCamapign application and supports unlimited ActiveMember360 installs providing they all connect to that same ActiveCampaign application.

Once you have connected ActiveMember360 to ActiveCampaign using your API credentials as detaled in Connecting ActiveMember360 To Your ActiveCampaign API your ActiveMember360 license should be automatically activated.

Your license status can be verified using the process detailed below:

Steps to verify your ActiveMember360 license
Steps to verify your ActiveMember360 license
  1. In WordPress administrator main navigation click ActiveMember360, API / License.

  2. In ActiveMember360 API Settings / License tabs click License Status.

  3. Click Check License.

  4. If the license validation is successful the License Status and License Type will be as shown.

Once your license has been verified all the features of ActiveMember360 will be available and in the WordPress administrator main navigation ActiveMember360 will have the items as shown below:

ActiveMember360 Administration Menu


If you wish to ever transfer your ActiveMember360 license to a different ActiveCampaign application please submit a support ticket for us to assist here.