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What Is ActiveMember360

In summary ActiveMember360 is a WordPress plugin that provides automatic, immediate, bi-directional integration between WordPress and ActiveCampaign.

This capability:

  • Controls both access to your WordPress site and the display and customisation of content using ActiveCampaign contact data.

    Enabling the creation of truely dynamic content, so that visitors see content that is always relevant to their profile and activity history as stored in ActiveCampaign.

    Site access and content can be controlled by; ActiveCampaign tags, values of contact fields, list subscription status, and supported WordPress and third party plugin data e.g. products purchased, course completed etc.

    Major page builders such as; WordPress Block Editor (Gutenberg), Beaver Builder, Elementor and Oxygen Builder are all supported to provide customised content.

  • Captures and stores for logged in users activity from within WordPress into the ActiveCampaign contact record.

    Enabling the triggering of relevant marketing actions and automations from within ActiveCampaign.

    Activities within WordPress triggered by either ActiveMember360 shortcodes, or ActiveMember360 Extensions for LearnDash, WooCommerce, GamiPress and other supported third party plugins instantaneously pass data to ActiveCampaign.

    This includes the updating of contact fields, addition and removal of tags, starting and stopping of automations, subscribe/unsubscribe to lists, and site and event tracking etc.

The combination of these features not only complements a 360 degree marketing process but also permits the creation of many styles of WordPress sites integrated with ActiveCampaign requiring a visitor login, generically known as membership sites or client portals, to provide:

  • Traditional Membership Site
  • Bespoke Marketing Information
  • Digital Product Delivery
  • Evergreen Drip Fed Content
  • Scheduled Calendar Based Content
  • Lead Generation Site
  • Multi Course Library Site
  • Online Classroom Site
  • Niche Magazine Site
  • Real World Event Site
  • Service Delivery Site
  • ...and many more

To note:


It is a prerequisite that to use ActiveMember360 users must have an ActiveCampaign account.

When using ActiveMember360 all data stored within ActiveCampaign is considered the master data, over and above that in WordPress.

The main advantage of ActiveMember360 operating only with ActiveCampaign means that it can offer a far deeper level of integration than products which support multiple CRM systems. Unlike ActiveMember360, those systems are constrained by using a generalised framework typically limited to solely using tags for most integration functions.

Content Definition

ActiveMember360 controls the display/access to content and integration with ActiveCampaign on your site, it does not control the definition of content, that is controlled by other plugins, page builders or WordPress itself.

Themes & Page Builders

ActiveMember360 does not control the aesthetics of your website i.e. the branding, look and feel, that is controlled by the theme or page builder etc.


ActiveMember360 is designed to primarily work with the best in class e-commerce solutions such as WooCommerce/WooCommerce Subscriptions, ThriveCart etc.

In reality ActiveMember360 can operate alongside any e-Commerce system that integrates with ActiveCampaign i.e. any that can create an ActiveCampaign contact upon a successful purchase and trigger an automation in some way for example by adding a tag, subscribing to a list etc.

However the greatest level of integration between your WordPress site and ActiveCampaign for e-Commerce is achieved by using WooCommerce in conjunction with the ActiveMember360 WooComerce Extension further enhanced if required by the ActiveCampaign WooCommerce Deep Data Integration.

Third Party Plugins

ActiveMember360 is compatible with very many third party WordPress plugins.

ActiveMember360 does not require any specific nor listed integration to work with many of those WordPress plugins.

However for some third party plugins ActiveMember360 provides a very comprehensive level of integration.

For those plugins ActiveMember360 provides an extension which must be installed and activated, along with the third party plugin itself, to unlock all features of the integration. See ActiveMember360 Extensions.

Also ActiveMember360 has many of it's own modules which make the installation and use of many third party plugins superfluous. See ActiveMember360 Modules.