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This shortcode redirects a visitor to another page/page within the site or to an external URL.


urlThe URL to redirect the visitor to.
Default: none.
Required: yes.
autorunIf set to yes the shortcode will execute without waiting for user input. Otherwise it will generate a form and a submit button and wait for user input. If set to yes the following parameters will be ignored; button_text, button_image, button_style, new_window.
Permitted Values: 1, yes, true
Defaults: none.
Required: no.
button_textThe text to display on the button.
Default: Go there now...
Required: no.
button_imageThe URL of the image to use for the button.
Default: none.
Required: no.
button_styleThe CSS style to apply for the button.
Default: none.
Required: no.
new_windowSpecifies whether the user will be redirected to a new window after clicking the button.
Permitted Values: 1, yes, true
Default: none.
Required: no.


This shortcode is evaluated for any type of visitor.

Conditional Branching

This shortcode does NOT support conditional branching with [ELSE_redirect].


Shortcode nesting is NOT supported.


Displays a button labelled "Go there now..." that when clicked will redirect the visitor in the current browser window to the page with the slug info.

[mbr_redirect url='/info']



There is currently no ActiveMember360 API function equivalent for this shortcode.