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This shortcode logs an event in the current remote user ActiveCampaign contact record.

The event name and value are defined as parameters in the shortcode, making it possible to define and log events within ActiveCampaign anywhere shortcodes can be used on an ActiveMember360 site.


This shortcode is only available if the ActiveMember360, Modules, ActiveCampaign Tracking is activated.

More details about about event logging are detailed within ActiveMember360, Modules, ActiveCampaign Tracking.


nameThe name of an ActiveCampaign event to be logged. If the event name has already been defined, it will be reused. If not, the event will be created during the event logging process.
Default: none.
Required: yes.
valuethe value to be logged in ActiveCampaign along with the event name.
Default: The current page/post permalink.
Required: no.


This shortcode is only processed for remote users i.e. logged in users who also exist as contacts within ActiveCampaign.

In all other cases, including WordPress users with the Administrator role nothing will be processed.

Conditional Branching

This shortcode does NOT support conditional branching with [ELSE_log_event].


Shortcode nesting is NOT supported.


Logs an event with the name My Special Page with a value of the current page/post URL:

[mbr_log_event event='My Special Page']



There is currently no ActiveMember360 API function equivalent for this shortcode.