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ActiveMember360 mbr_clearuser is used to delete a WordPress user. It automatically executes upon receiving an ActiveCampaign HTTP POST sent by an ActiveCampaign webhook.

Unless otherwise specified, all posts and pages authored by the deleted user will also be deleted however they can alternatively be reassigned to an alternative WordPress user


The URL used for the mbr_clearuser webhook is constructed using your site URL and parameters.

A sample of the URL structure required is as follows:


The mbr_clearuser URL is used as the webhook URL in an ActiveCampaign automation.

Site URL & Parameters

Site URLDescription
site_urlThe WordPress site URL from which the WordPress user is to be deleted. This can be found in WordPress, Settings, General, Site URL. It must be specified exactly as shown there.
Default: none.
Required: yes.
mbr_clearuserSet to the security code used to authenticate the use of mbr_clearuser. The security code used must be defined as detailed in ActiveMember360, Settings, Security, Security Codes.
Default: none.
Required: yes.
reassignSets the email address of a WordPress user to whom all posts/pages authored by the user being deleted will be reassigned.
Default: none.
Required: no.



In all examples my_security_code must be replaced by a security code defined in ActiveMember360, Settings, Security, Security Codes on the WordPress site.

This webhook URL will result in the deletion of the WordPress user with an email address the same as that of the ActiveCampaign contact for whom the webhook is executed from within an ActiveCampaign automation. Any posts/pages etc. authored by the deleted user will also be deleted: