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Version 4.1.2 (2022-10-14)

This version includes:

  • Fix to the webhook module mbr_genpass so no WordPress new user email is sent if a new WordPress user is created.

  • Enhancement to the [mbr_password_change] so the WordPress strength meter only disables the submit button for the password change until a Strong password in provided.

  • Enhancement to the [mbr_password_change] to include a parameter allow_weak_passwords. When set to Yes the chosen password must satisfy at a minimum the WordPress Weak strength definition of being: at least seven characters, contain both an upper and lower case standard character, contain a numeric character, and contain no consecutive character strings of more than two characters (e.g. 123, abc, 789 etc. etc.).

  • Enhancement to ActiveMember360, Settings, Security to include a setting named Allow WordPress REST user endpoints to permit/restrict access to WordPress REST user endpoints. This is added to provide additional security for the WordPress site.