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Add and Remove Tags with JavaScript


ActiveMember360 provides functions that let you add and remove tags for the contact associated with the current remote user.

The functions are mbr_add_tags and mbr_remove_tags.

Both accept as a parameter a comma separated list of tag IDs.

The adding or removing of any contact tags are immediately effective within WordPress for the the current remote user.


mbr_add_tags ( $tags )

mbr_remove_tags ( $tags )


$tags(string)One or more tag ID's defined within ActiveCampaign specified in a comma separated string and to be added to/removed from the contact associated with the remote user. The available tags can be found in ActiveMember360, Utilities, Tags.
Default: none.
Required: yes.


Using this Javascript code snippet in conjunction with a HTML button with the CSS class mbr-add-tags when the button is clicked the tags with IDs 66 and 67 will be added to the remote user.

jQuery( document ).ready( function( $ ) {
$( '.mbr-add-tags' ).click( function() {
mbr_add_tags( '66,67');
} );
} );
<button class="mbr-add-tags">Add Tags 66 and 67</button>